Testimony: Murder suspect had victim's car, jewelry, laptop

Eric Bolling .

Eric Bolling .

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Sixty-four-year-old Parviz Moledina was likely murdered a few days before authorities found her dead inside her Lawrenceville home, a Gwinnett County police detective testified Friday. The teenaged neighbor accused of stabbing her in excess of 25 times, meanwhile, was allegedly driving around town in her SUV, spending her money on clothes and cellphones and bragging about it on Facebook.

Eric Bolling, 19, sat in front of a judge Friday afternoon for a probable cause hearing, the long dreadlocks from his mugshot gone and his tattooed arms alternately holding his hands in front of his mouth and rubbing them across his head.

Before charges of murder and theft by receiving were bound over to superior court by Judge Debra Turner, Detective John Richter detailed what authorities have uncovered since Moledina's body was found late the night before Thanksgiving.

Police were first called to the home of Moledina, a cancer survivor and part owner of a gas station who lived alone, after neighbors noticed her garage door open and silver Volvo SUV missing. She was stabbed to death in her bedroom, blood found throughout that room and the adjoining bathroom.

Moledina had several defensive wounds, Richter said. She was "probably dead for a few days before we got there," he said.

The car, recovered on Thanksgiving Day in the Sugarloaf Mills parking lot, quickly led authorities to Bolling and 18-year-old Justin Eldridge. Among other things, a receipt for a new cellphone bearing Bolling's name was found inside.

Fingerprints of both teens were allegedly found on the car.

Search warrants later executed at Bolling's home reportedly uncovered a daunting amount of evidence tying him to the murder and robbery: Richter said Moledina's computer and jewelry, as well as several pill bottles with her name, were found inside Bolling's bedroom alongside about $1,500 cash.

A bloody pair of jeans and sock were also there, officials said. That doesn't include the pair of palm prints allegedly found in Moledina's bathroom.

"He had no explanation for the property in his room, the blood, the car," Richter said, adding that Bolling "pretty much laughed throughout his interview."

Eldridge, who has been charged only with theft by receiving, told police that Bolling sent him a Facebook message early one morning bragging that he had "hit a lick" and "got a whip and some stacks" -- he had done a robbery and gotten a car and cash, Richter translated.

Eldridge reportedly told authorities Bolling had referenced "having to stab a woman he didn't know." The latter's Facebook profile picture, Richter said, was a photo of himself standing in front of Moledina's Volvo and holding piles of cash.

"We found it pretty disturbing," Richter said.

The duo is believed to have spent a day or two buying clothes and cellphones with cash. Police have surveillance footage of them entering and leaving several retail stores together, Richter said. Rap CDs and a "half-smoked blunt" were found in the Volvo.

Judge Turner bound both suspects' charges over to Gwinnett County Superior Court.

Representing Eldridge, attorney Debra Kay Jefferson asked for bond to be considered because "he is so young, and because he is essentially not connected to the more heinous crime."

Turner denied the request, calling Eldridge a danger to society.


NewsReader 2 years, 3 months ago

Laughing? How much laughing is he going to do walking the green mile? I certainly hope the prosecution is seeking the death penalty on this man.


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