LETTER: Woodall's 'blank Obama budget' just grandstanding

As a former Republican member of the Ga. House of Representatives, I couldn't help but chuckle at Camie Young's article about Rep. Woodall blasting Obama's budget in a speech on the House floor.

Maybe she didn't know that his speech and speeches under special orders are made to an empty House chamber. He was talking to just hear himself talk.

Former Speaker Tip O' Neill exposed that practice when he instructed that the House cameras pan the chamber.

Enough of the political games and showmanship. Rep. Woodall doesn't have a budget plan either, not that anyone would listen anyway.

The House budget committee votes the way chairman Paul Ryan tells them -- Rep. Woodall just goes along.

-- Vinson Wall



kevin 2 years, 9 months ago

even if your comment is true, which it might be, the public does watch these speeches. It is more important when the public listens than a room full of deaf Congressman that spend their time on debates talking loud and eating and joking around. This is what happened when the Democrats passed the Health Care Bill. No one knows what is in it yet.


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