Atlanta mayor allows 50 percent council pay raise

ATLANTA — Atlanta City Council members will receive a raise with Mayor Kasim Reed allowing a roughly 50 percent proposed pay increase to become law.

The Associated Press Thursday reported the pay raises will take effect in 2014, and will increase the annual salary for City Council members by more than $20,000 to $60,300.

Reed did not sign the ordinance, it became law without his signature and he will continue discussions about a possible pay increase for other city employees.

City Council approved the legislation in a 10-4 vote on Dec. 3. Councilmembers said they're not adequately compensated, and their pay has not been adjusted in the past six years to account for cost of living increases.


Sandykin 2 years, 8 months ago

I am not appropriately compensated for the job I do, so how about legislating ME a 50% raise. I'd still be making less than the 60k you'll be pulling down next year. I'm worth it and I need it.


bookman 2 years, 8 months ago

Boy Mayor Reed is sure doing a great job (ha ha), lets see now. Besides giving the council a 50% raise, Marta as just recently reported has been caught paying a ton of employees over $300,000 each for what they say was overtime pay. Additionally just recently reported was where city employees (even retired) have been dispensing gas for their own personnel use from the city own gas facilities, one retired employee took over $200,000 in gas, this is our taxpay money. Oh and lets not forget about Reed going all out for trying to get the TSPLOT passed... Plus, remember how he pushed thru new concessions for his buddies (campaign contributors) at the new section of the Atlanta airport. What a great guy, however typical of ALL the officials of the city of Atlanta, including the good old head of the Atlanta schools who got caught (along with a bunch of teachers) for the recent cheating scandal. Atlanta needs a whole new set of officials, ones that are honest and have half a brain.


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