Drug activity found near Buford homicide victim

BUFORD -- Justin Tenbroeck was talking on the phone to his mother about a vacation on Wednesday evening when he heard a "pop, pop," that he didn't figure to be a gun sound, but moments later, he found one of his neighbors.

"Fifteen seconds later the guy was just lying there," said Tenbroeck, a resident of The Reserve at Ivy Creek apartment complex, between Interstate 85 and the Mall of Georgia. "I've heard guns before, but it didn't sound like a gun."

Gwinnett Police Cpl. Jake Smith said officers responded to the scene at 1869 Appaloosa Lane after Tenbroeck called police at 5:36 p.m. Smith said officers found a deceased adult black man, believed to be about 25 years old, lying on the ground outside. Smith said he presumed the cause of death was gunshot wounds. There was evidence of a marijuana sale or use near where the body was found, Smith said.

"I knew something was wrong when, after I called the cops, I walked back out there and you could see blood coming up through his back," said Tenbroeck, who has lived in the complex about a month. "I didn't know what it was. Was this guy drunk? Passed out? I didn't know what it was at first."

Tenbroeck said several neighbors were home at the time of the incident, and one neighbor, who was at a mailbox, said it sounded like fireworks.

Smith said there is no information on suspects or motive yet. Smith did not release the victim's identity until next-of-kin could be notified.


kevin 2 years, 5 months ago

Since Colorado & Washington passed a law allowing you to smoke marijuana (except in public), I can't wait to see if their crime rate drops or goes up for similar crimes as this one. By not allowing it in public defeats the benefit of the law. All these idiots smoke it in their homes before the law was passed!


Why_not 2 years, 5 months ago

What one the hell does this have to do with the article above?


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