Duluth man tries to hire hitman for second time

Piece of advice: Don't go into business with Joseph Memar. Or, if you do, don't get on his bad side.

Memar, 65, was arrested in June after police said he tried to pay a hitman to kill his former business partner. Now authorities say the Duluth resident is at it again -- from inside the walls of the Gwinnett County Detention Center.

Authorities were reportedly notified in November that Memar, who has remained in jail since his original arrest on June 28, was again attempting to hire someone to kill Norcross resident Alireza Jebraeilli. A plainclothes officer from Gwinnett County police then met with Memar during his visitation hours, spokesman Cpl. Jake Smith said.

"Memar offered the undercover officer $10,000 to kill Jebraeilli and directed him to a source outside the jail for payment," Smith said.

That source "refused to participate in any way," but Memar was charged with a second count of criminal attempt to commit murder. He's since been moved to a maximum security detention area, Smith said.

Online court records show litigation between Memar and Jebraeilli dating back as far as 2006. Memar is listed as the plaintiff in each case.

In the original murder-for-hire incident, Memar reportedly offered a GCPD informant $3,000 -- half beforehand, half afterward -- to kill Jebraeilli. Authorities went so far as to doctor a photo of Jebraeilli to make it appear as if he had indeed been murdered.

Shown the "evidence," Memar reportedly "shook the informant's hand and thanks him." He was arrested shortly afterward and remains in jail without bond.


R 2 years, 8 months ago

If only he'd used a dream-lite card holder...


WhirledPeas 2 years, 8 months ago

That's inflation for you. $10,000 doesn't buy what it used to!


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