Parents: Tripp's surgeries go well

Tripp Halstead has reached another milestone, and reports of successful surgeries spread throughout social media on Monday.

The Winder toddler, injured in late October when a tree limb fell on his head at his Barrow County day care, was in a recovery room and entering an intensive care unit at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta on Monday afternoon, his parents wrote on Facebook. The surgery reattached parts of his skull that were removed to relieve pressure on his brain, insert Botox and attach a "G tube," also called a feeding tube, to his abdomen.

His mother wrote that he looked amazing, had good color, wasn't swollen and didn't have tubes on his face. But doctors told the family that the "good look" would be gone by Tuesday and replaced by swelling and bruising and he would "storm" more than he had before.

"So we are resting now getting ready for a rough day tomorrow and the next few days," she said.

Stacy wrote that Halstead is expected to be in the ICU for three days.

On Sunday night, Stacy wrote that she was scared about the upcoming surgery, but also ready for the next step.

"I am so ready for his skull to be put back on, but at the same time it scares me to death to know he is going to have to be put to sleep again and have brain surgery," she wrote.

Added father Bill, "We are excited and nervous all at the same time. No matter what, brain surgery is still brain surgery, no matter how routine they say this procedure is."

While Facebook "likes" on the "Tripp Halstead Updates" page surpassed 100,000 last week, his parents wrote about their son's rehab sessions. About a week ago, he swallowed small sips of water and apple juice. On Friday, Halstead, 2, knelt and leaned on a bouncy ball and held his head up for about a minute.

"We were all cheering him on," his mother wrote. "He just seems so much more alert these past couple of days. I love when he makes eye contact with me. Just melts my heart."