'Snap Suwanee' entries due by Dec. 31

SUWANEE -- Less than a month is remaining to submit entries for the popular "Snap Suwanee" contest.

Last year, Suwanee resident Janet George won for the third time, and she told the Daily Post that she considers herself a regular resident.

"Not that I'm a nobody, but I'm a nobody," said George, who won for "Little Suwanee Splash," an image of her niece's son in a fountain. "You hear people say, 'If anybody can win, I can win.' I'm in that category."

Submissions for the 2013 Snap Suwanee exhibit are due by Dec. 31. Amateur and professional photographers may submit up to five high-resolution photos each; photos must be at least 300 dpi in order to be printed and exhibited. Submissions without the application form or of photos that are low resolution may not be considered. Additional guidelines and an application are available at suwanee.com.

Last year, George was among 13 winners of the contest, and those photos were displayed along the lower back foyer of City Hall. The city received 129 entries from 43 photographers that featured scenes from around Suwanee, such as a child feeding a goat, the city's 9/11 ceremony and snow in a park.

Last year was the first contest that Carol Vey had entered after family and friends implored her to enter contests and show off her photography. Vey has a degree in fine arts, but admitted she hadn't done much with the degree in the last 10 years. Her photo, "Mosaic Resting," is validation.

"It wasn't just my friends and family telling me about it," she said.