Student cut during bathroom altercation

DULUTH -- A student at Duluth Middle School suffered non life-threatening injuries Thursday afternoon after being allegedly cut by another student during a fight in the bathroom.

District Spokeswoman Sloan Roach said that the school's principal sent a letter home with children Thursday to advise parents of the situation.

Roach said a teacher was outside the restroom "when the altercation occurred."

"It was between two students, and one student did sustain an injury," Roach said. "He was cut by some kind of sharp instrument -- a sharp tool -- not a knife."

She said that the teacher "responded immediately."

The injuries were not life threatening, and the student was transported by his parents to get medical attention after officials contacted them, Roach said.

The other student who allegedly caused the injury will face disciplinary action and is also facing criminal charges.

"The school takes this very seriously and is taking steps to address this," Roach said.