Maxwell pushes leaders to strive for success

Special Photo . John C. Maxwell debuted "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth" Oct. 9.

Special Photo . John C. Maxwell debuted "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth" Oct. 9.

DULUTH -- Business success begins with personal growth, leadership expert John Maxwell told a Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce crowd Thursday.

About a month before 12Stone church's John Maxwell Leadership Institute opens in Duluth, the motivational speaker headlined the monthly Chamber luncheon, bringing a message of how to begin the new year with a new outlook.

Often bringing laughs, Maxwell talked about his own path building a plan for personal growth. The concept, he said, was introduced to him in 1973 and has enabled him to build his leadership empire, including writing 73 books, many of which have topped best-seller lists.

"A growing organization is an example of a growing person," he said, telling the business leaders in the room that their business's success is tied to their own growth. "When you get better, everything gets better because everything rises and falls on leadership."

Maxwell stressed the importance of being intentional in the pursuit of growth and being consistent in the effort, taking five steps each day toward the goal.

RocketIT CEO Matt Hyatt said the message struck home with one of his employees.

"She says we need to do that in our office," he said. "We're super excited to see his leadership institute opening in our community."

Maxwell said he enjoys sharing his message with a group like the Chamber of Commerce because it can help people change their lives.

"My goal is to add value to people who multiply value to others," he said of the way the message trickles down from corporate leaders to their staffs. "When I speak to hundreds, I'm really speaking to thousands. It's going to multiply."