LETTERS: Norcross football team represents school well

As a high school teacher at Camden County High School, I am a fervent fan of our Wildcats football team. I just had to write and tell

you about my experience after our home game last Friday night against Norcross in the Class AAAAAA state quarterfinals.

First of all, congratulations to Norcross on a fantastic victory. Their football team is awesome and I wouldn't be surprised to see them win it all. After the game, I was on the field congratulating our boys on a great season and a co-worker and I also talked with many of the Norcross players.

Without exception, they were respectful and polite. They were excited, yet humble. They shook hands and stopped to chat. I want to commend the team, coaches, staff, teachers, and parents at Norcross High School for instilling these values in these young men.

And the fans I met were just as gracious. Again, congratulations and good luck this week.

Maria Brantley, Waverly