Norcross council action paves way for new development

NORCROSS -- City Council members on Monday voted to pave the way for a six-house development on just more than one acre located at 152 Thrasher St. in Norcross. The development will be adjacent to Colonel Jones Park, and with the neighborhood Homeowners Association's vote of approval, the common area in the proposed development (.39 acres) will be deeded over to Colonel Jones Park for upkeep and compliance with HOA regulations.

According to developer Kevin Aycock, preliminary meetings with some members of the Colonel Jones HOA indicate that association members will support accepting the deed for .39 acres of the proposed development that will constitute the green common area. Council vote to approve the rezoning Monday does not guarantee that the project will move forward; the HOA vote regarding the .39 acres will do that.

City Planner Chris McCrary told those in attendance at Monday's council meeting to "think Wingo Street cottage-style," cluster homes sharing a common green area. Architecture on the proposed six houses, however, will adhere to Colonel Jones Park architectural standards with respect to size and style.

Residents living near the Thrasher Street site voiced concerns during Monday's city council meeting, stating that they are concerned that the high density development will negatively impact property values, aviary wildlife and traffic.

Council members voted 3-1 to approve the rezoning, with councilman Ross Kaul opposing the action and councilman David McLeroy abstaining.

Special-use permit approved for car title pawn office

A special-use permit was granted Monday to Carbucks Georgia LLC, for a title loan processing office to be located at 5865 Jimmy Carter Blvd. According to McCrary, only loan processing will take place in the office suite.

Special-use permit OK'd for car wash

Another special use permit was granted for a car wash business located at 5345 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Currently, an outdoor car wash operates on the property. The applicant requested the special-use permit to operate another car wash on the same property that will be completely contained indoors, inside the currently existing structure.

2013 budget approved

City manager Rudolph Smith presented a $25 million budget to Mayor Pro Tem Andrew Hixson and council members for approval Monday, and the vote to approve the budget was unanimous. Councilmen Craig Newton and Ross Kaul expressed their gratitude to Smith and the staff department heads for working diligently to prepare the budget. According to Kaul, the 2013 budget represents a 14 percent increase over the 2012 document, reflecting staff's anticipation of current and future escalating expenses.