Lawrenceville approves QuikTrip on Scenic Highway

LAWRENCEVILLE -- The third time was the charm for the QuikTrip Corporation, as it was finally given the go-ahead Monday night by the Lawrenceville City Council to build a new facility at 181 Scenic Highway, an area considered to be the "Gateway to the Downtown Area."

Following two months of tabling the business rezoning request, the Council approved the measure following a 2-2 council voting deadlock with Mayor Judy Jordan Johnson breaking the tie for approval.

"This is a difficult decision because I appreciate the opinions expressed here," she said. "I do not feel this corporation will be a detriment to our city."

Plans also include renovation of the current Wendy's restaurant already there. At the last council meeting, applicant attorney Lee Tucker, had been asked to report back to the body on architectural plans and signage for the multimillion-dollar project.

Tucker enumerated several proposals, including the building of a Lawrenceville "gateway" sign near the roadway, connecting sidewalks in front of the sign, and offering an easement on the property.

In her motion, Council Member Marie Beiser, included conditions that the company do a rock study prior to demolition, contain any debris from the demolition on site, work with the planning commission on the sign's wording and ban delivery truck access from the back roadway.

Voting against the proposal was Councilmen Bob Clark and Tony Powell. "We need to make this more compatible with the overlay district," said Clark. "This area would not make the list for redevelopment."

"We want to bring a project that would be great for the city," Tucker said. "We would stand behind the signage and the easement issues."

In other business, the Council:

-- Made the following purchases: $4,354 to replace the drive-through envelope depository; $57,500 for gas meters; up to $98,785 for water department meters; $2,744 for police badges; $39,761 for laptop computers for patrol cars; and $16,180 for honor guard uniforms.

-- Announced that Dec. 31 will be the date for the Lawrenceville Rings festivities on the square, including a performance by the Swinging Medallions band and fireworks.

-- Honored Mary Lee of Lawrenceville for being named Miss Senior Queen of Georgia.


OldResident 2 years, 10 months ago

Mr. Cox, what about the existing QuikTrip that is one mile away on GA 20? What becomes of it?


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