Deadline this week for Suwanee event applications

SUWANEE -- To put on Suwanee's 39 events this year, city staff needed two bottles of Advil, 47 pizzas and 113 port-a-potties.

While those figures may be similar in 2013, to plan for next year, the city staff is looking for applications by Friday if an organization is interested in hosting a festival, concert, race or other community event at a Suwanee park. Applications can be found at suwanee.com.

"We receive requests throughout the year from folks who want to hold an event in Suwanee," said the city's events manager, Amy Doherty. "However, we accept applications for the next year only from October to December, so now's your time. Once the city's event calendar for the year is established, we do not add additional events."

If an event is approved, city staff notifies the applicant of its status by the end of January.

Doherty said Suwanee's events are a key component in building a sense of community and have helped establish Town Center Park as a regional venue. For additional information, email Doherty at adoherty@suwanee.com or call 770-945-8996.