LETTERS: Writer had it wrong on Romney

Writer wrong on Romney

In response to the letter "Romney is what he is, just isn't a good thing" you basically allowed a writer to slander Romney on just opinion, no facts.

I have some facts to counter his DNC talking points. Unemployment is over 8 percent since early 2009; $5 trillion of additional debt with no end in sight; no federal budget in over three years; the Fed printing money like there's no tomorrow; unlimited borrowing from China; a failed $800-plus billion stimulus with no shovel ready jobs that I can find except for the crony government and automotive unions and green companies like Solyndra and a weak, confusing selective foreign policy where our friends are treated like enemies and our enemies like friends.

That's just a sample of facts. The writer concludes that we want to go back to the 19th century. Since the greatest growth in the U.S. took place between the end of reconstruction and World War I, economically, I wish we were like the U.S. in that pre-progressive era.

It's been proven that truly free market economics and a constitutionalist government works every time it's tried. Read your history.-- Fred Parlato


Honoring the fallen

Thanks to all that took the time to honor the family and memory of Maj. David Gray, along Highway 78, last week. It is fitting to note that the extreme sacrifices made by Maj. Gray, and others, remind us of what we so often take for granted.

It is a shame that while our protectors of freedom remain in harm's way that our country squabbles over trivial matters of political candidates. I hope that we, as a united people, will turn out in record numbers in November and cast a vote to keep our country strong. It is our duty, as Americans, to provide the best possible living and medical conditions possible for military personnel and their families.-- D.W. Pyles



kevin 2 years ago

Read your history.-- Fred Parlato Great article. Liberals hate so much to see someone else take their "thunder" at a time when they are so desperate. Remember all the lies Obama keeps telling us when voting in Nov. The pic of him in his chair should have had a label on the back that said, "can you believe I'm in this job, with no experience whatsoever?"


notblind 2 years ago

Our country's current situation is directly attributable to the least qualified president EVER somehow being elected. The whole "hope and change" was a complete lie to buy votes. Business as usual on handing out taxpayer monies to the well connected while at the same time adding to our foreign policy woes and wrecking the country's business climate.


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