Medicaid decision could put Ga. hospitals at risk

ATLANTA (AP) — Hospital officials and advocates for patients say Gov. Nathan Deal's decision to reject the expansion of Medicaid prescribed by the Affordable Care Act would leave thousands of the poorest Georgians uninsured.

The governor's decision would also threaten the bottom lines of hospitals that were counting on new income from the changes.

Deal's spokesman noted Wednesday that the governor might agree to expand Medicaid if the federal government gave Georgia a "block grant" of money and the freedom to tailor the program as it saw fit — none of which is currently in the health care law.

Without that flexibility, Deal believes the state could not afford the expansion.


kevin 3 years, 1 month ago

"Without that flexibility, Deal believes the state could not afford the expansion" Bravo for Deal. We don't want Federal money with strings attached and then the state will have to fund the rest later on. IF these same so-called "poor" people would vote for Romney, maybe we could get them a job so they can support themselves, something most of them do not want to do no matter who is President. Our welfare system keeps them on welfare for life.


JCJB 3 years, 1 month ago

Ditto and Bravo. The hospitals shouldn't have counted their chickens.


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