Duluth resident releases new sci-fi novel

Jonathan C. Gillespie

Jonathan C. Gillespie

DULUTH -- Just in time for Dragon Con over Labor Day weekend, Duluth resident Jonathan C. Gillespie released the first book from his new military science fiction thriller series, collectively called "The Tyrant Strategy."

Released on Aug. 28, "The Tyrant Strategy: Revenant Man," which is set on Earth in 2142. It is "a suspense thriller wrapped with military science fiction overtones which features a cybernetically-enhanced super-agent, a brilliant, unstable tactical genius, a determined mother and a solid Christian character," according to a release.

"(The book) originally started out as a short story, but I realized that the characters were so multi-faceted that the story needed to be stretched into a novel," Gillespie said.

The Duluth author works in information technology, which he credits to his sci-fi writing ability.

"IT is a game of perfectionism," he said. "It helps me self examine my work. I'm very much a perfectionist when it comes to writing.

"It also means it's nothing for me to sit at a computer for two to three hours at a time. I can slip into a zone and keep going."

"Revenant Man" can be purchased through Amazon, Kobo Books and Barnes & Noble.

For more information Gillespie and his other writings, visit jonathancg.net.