LETTERS: Huckaby's thoughts on entitlements hit home

Huckaby's thoughts on entitlements hit home

Darrell Huckaby's column ("Too many in modern chains of government entitlements," Aug. 18, 8A) was very insightful in addressing one of the major reasons our country is not achieving all that it is capable of. This is how the government and its policies under the guise of helping people is undermining the fabric of our nation.

Huckaby's analogy of our predicament is dead on and why our elected representatives (we can hardly call them leaders) have not address this malady is beyond belief. Instead we are all too concerned with being politically correct and let the media make a big issue of a careless use of speech while failing to address the real problems that can make a difference.

-- Lee Baker



kevin 2 years, 8 months ago

The more you get for "free," the more you want. Sounds just like the new American in this country. Let someone else pay for everything. These folks would have a happier life if they lived in Russia or some European country where this is in their blood. This way of living is not in our DNA. Get off it and go find a job and contribute some taxes.After all, those folks probably voted for Obama so go live his dream with him before it is over in Nov.


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