Lawrenceville ramping up cleanup efforts

LAWRENCEVILLE -- The city of Lawrenceville is getting serious about getting clean.

Bringing in the help of Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful, representatives from the city council, police force and Lawrenceville Neighborhood Association -- as well as State Rep. Valerie Clark -- recently took a ride in a van. Driving around the city for the better part of eight hours, each person was responsible for scoring certain aspects of certain areas of Lawrenceville.

Graffiti, litter, property maintenance and illegal signs were all scored. In the end, officials were pleasantly surprised.

"You know what? Lawrenceville looked really good," Connie Wiggins of Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful said. "There's some areas for improvement, but it looked surprisingly well."

During that van-ride survey, each spot was ranked in each category on a scale from 1 (very clean) to 4 (very dirty). Overall, all categories were below an average of 1.86. Graffiti came in at an even 1.

It's good, but could be even better. Like any city, there are still certain sore spots throughout the community.

"Some of our city looks tired and worn out," said Beverly Dryden of the Lawrenceville Neighborhood Association. "The landscaping is not there, and if it is it's shrubbery that's half-dead. It distorts the (overall) picture."

Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful and the city have now honed in on four major areas that need (and will hopefully get) attention:

-- The area near the intersection of Maltbie Street and Curtis Road

-- The shopping center at the intersection of Ga. Highway 124 and Gwinnett Drive

-- The Ga. Highway 120/Pike Street "entrance" into the city's downtown

-- The area between Ezzard Street and Pine Valley Lane

Lawrenceville Mayor Judy Jordan Johnson said efforts are in the works for the city's lacking areas. Wiggins said "it's all about continuing to improve and get better."

"Litter, graffiti, not maintained properties, properties that have stuff just overflowing out in the yard," Wiggins said. "They become magnets for more of those things to occur."

One of the city's newest initiatives is hoping to combat all those things as well. The city council recently approved $20,000 worth of grants that will be awarded to neighborhoods for "beautification projects." Awarded on a merit basis and requiring a match on behalf of the recipient, the goal is to help neighborhoods help themselves, Johnson said.

While the project likely won't dish out its first award until January, it's in the works and another effort the city of Lawrenceville is making to project a neater image.

"We want you to take pride in your neighborhood," Johnson said. "Just like we want to take pride in our city."

The city council recently approved $20,000 worth of grants that will be awarded to neighborhoods or other entities in the city for "beautification projects." While the ball probably won't get rolling until after the first of the year, Mayor Judy Jordan Johnson said it's definitely coming, and will definitely be a big deal.


notblind 2 years, 10 months ago

Where's Emory Morseberger when you need him ?? And Connie, didn't you receive your "Get out of town card"? No Gwinnett resident will ever forget your part in the trash pick plan boondoggle.


NorcrossDot 2 years, 10 months ago

Connie Wiggins? Is she still around? Geez I thought we got rid of her and her cronyism with the garbage fiasco. She's the person that told me verbally that I was wrong on the amount of money I paid for garbage each month before the Government takeover. Here I am 2 yrs later paying $18.+ per month for garbage and I only paid $10.00 per month prior to the "government helping me", LOL.


JCJB 2 years, 10 months ago

I find it ludicrous that she's worried about private properties when there has been no mowing or cleanup of the roads in Gwinnett Co all year. This says more about our town than anything else. The weeds are so high that one can't even see oncoming traffic at stop signs. And I heard the mayor got free sod along with free labor to spruce up her yard. Can I get some of that?


BuzzG 2 years, 10 months ago

Connie Wiggins, in an efficient society you would have been run out of town on a rail. You can find more ways to waste taxpayers money. Get your hand out of my pocket, Connie you grubby thief.


R 2 years, 10 months ago

And for quite awhile I thought I was the only one that had "Connie Wiggins" heartburn.

I wonder if Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful will take notice for its own future...


notblind 2 years, 10 months ago

I can just envision the "Obama / Biden" bumper sticker on her car. hahhahhahahhahhahahhahahahhaa


notblind 2 years, 10 months ago

I had another epiphany on the trash pick up plan. The trash haulers have basically NO billing expenses. What a great county commission !!! [ great at hiding their true colors at election time ].


slb 2 years, 10 months ago

Curbing ignorant people from throwing trash out their car window would be nice.I've never in all my years in Georgia seen so many litter bugs! It is disgusting!


mickey 2 years, 10 months ago

We have managed to get through the Commission garbage.....WHY is Connie still here??????????? Please tell me the right people are reading these comments.


CD 2 years, 10 months ago

Should I catch anyone that represents my district hanging out with dear ole Connie, that will be an automatic no-vote from me on their re-elect. I will do all that I can to spread the word.

Connie and Mike should hang out more now that he has some spare time. Other Gluttonous Heathens should exercise caution and learn from Mikey Boy's fate.


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