GCPS enrollment surging past projections

SUWANEE -- The tally of students in Gwinnett County Public Schools continues to rise much to the surprise of staff, who said it looks like the district will see much more growth than in the last couple years.

On Monday, GCPS completed its third enrollment count of the year, numbering 164,035 students -- a tally that exceeds 2012-13 projections by nearly 1,400.

In looking at the numbers, Director of Planning Greg Stanfield said the trend will continue until the final enrollment count on Sept. 4.

"We really were dealing with a different set of circumstances this year in terms of the economy and uncertainties about growth," Stanfield said. "We used the same planning resources as we have in the past ... resources that have traditionally put our forecast within one percentage point of the actual enrollment."

Added Stanfield: "However, given the economic uncertainties, we leaned toward a more conservative forecast. What we are seeing is that Gwinnett is continuing to grow and that we are on track to grow by more students than we have in recent years."

Officials with the district had orginally predicted growth of 265 students for the 2012-13 school year.

Historically, enrollment continues to climb during the year with the post-Labor Day count more accurately reflecting school enrollment.

The remaining enrollment counts will take place on Monday and Sept. 4.