Another board member resigns at student newspaper

ATHENS (AP) -- Another member of the board that oversees a University of Georgia student newspaper has stepped down and is calling for a third board member to resign.

Charles Russell of Atlanta resigned. He said in a statement that he can't be part of what the board is about to do, though he didn't say what that is.

The top two editors at The Red & Black have been reinstated after walking out along with other student journalists amid a dispute over editorial control. Board member Ed Stamper resigned Friday.

Russell also called for Kent Middleton, chair of the UGA's journalism department, to resign from the newspaper's board. The paper operates independently from the university.

Middleton could not immediately be reached Wednesday by The Associated Press.


teelee 3 years, 1 month ago

Anything to do with Liberalism vs Conservatism and free speech?


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