6 officers barely escape fleeing suspect's vehicle

SNELLVILLE -- A stolen car and a small amount of pot likely led to a Snellville teen's recent flight from a traffic stop, one for which he's now facing more than half a dozen felony charges.

According to Gwinnett County police, 20-year-old Telvan Rodale Tillis fled a traffic checkpoint last week, nearly striking several officers and attempting to escape on foot before being picked up. Gwinnett County jail records show he's being held without bond on charges including six counts of aggravated assault, two counts of obstruction, fleeing, reckless driving, drug possession and receiving stolen property.

Gwinnett County police were operating a traffic checkpoint Sunday night at the Stone Mountain intersection of North Deshong Road and Belvedere Drive, according to reports. At about 10:20 p.m., Tillis rolled through and the Ford Focus he was driving came up as stolen, police said.

Tillis allegedly stopped initially but refused to leave the vehicle when asked multiple times.

"Suddenly, I heard the engine of the vehicle roar," the responding officer wrote.

Tillis peeled out, nearly striking one police officer before forcing a motorcycle traveling in the oncoming lane to crash. Two more officers dove out of the way as Tillis sped down North Deshong Road, then two more were forced to do so when he turned left onto Belevedere, police said.

Eventually Tillis wound up driving the Focus into a residential yard near Highland Park Drive. Authorities gave chase on foot when he exited the vehicle. Tillis was later spotted on foot walking through a mobile home park, police said.

While placing Tillis under arrest, officers reportedly found "a small amount of marijuana wrapped in white tissue paper" in his pocket. More was later found in his wallet, police said. There was allegedly a total of two grams of the drug.

Jail records show Tillis has been arrested locally on two previous occasions. In March, he was arrested and charged with participation in gang activity, trespassing and 19 counts of entering auto.


notblind 3 years ago

People that endanger others with such recklessness should be locked up for a very long time. There was a pursuit today on the Sugar Hill road I live on. Crazy.


docgreen1499 3 years ago

Ready for this one...it will blow your mind...he was arrested on 10/18/2011 for all those charges, bonded out on 01/26/2012. Arrested again and bond revoked on 04/23/2012 and given bond again and out on 07/16/2012 for the same charges and arrested again 08/20/2012 for the charges in this latest arrest.....hhhhhmmmmmmm...glad the Judges and DA are tough on crime....


news2me 3 years ago

Public records are a good thing.


teelee 3 years ago

Going to jail is just a badge of honor these days for him and his friends.


kevin 3 years ago

This guy should drive for NASCAR.


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