Water, sewer pipe upgrades coming to older communities

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Some of Gwinnett's oldest neighborhoods could soon be free from worry about older water pipes breaking.

Commissioners approved two water main projects and two sewer main projects to replace miles of break-prone pipes in areas near Snellville, Lilburn and Norcross.

"We use data like the age and type of pipe and frequency of repairs and service disruptions to get the best return on investments in pipe replacements," said Jeff Boss, field operations director with Gwinnett's Department of Water Resources,

G.S. Construction Inc. got the $1.1 million job in the Forest Vale, Pebble Creek and Johnson Estates neighborhoods, while work at Hermitage Plantation went to The Dickerson Group, the lowest bidder at $675,087.

At a total of about half a million dollars, the two sewer project include new sections of gravity sewer lines following video inspection for roots, corrosion, grease and sediment.

Metals and Materials Engineers received a contract for a project near Norcross at a price of $312,624, and M.V.P. Piping Co.was awarded the $230,929 contract for work in the Paper Mill Road area near Lawrenceville.


teelee 3 years ago

Are they talking about Blue Poly pipe that runs from the street to the house? I hope not, I had to pay for that repair myself. These are some of Gwinnett's charity case subdivisions they are talking about though. If they would have done it right the first time they wouldn't have to do it again for 2 million tax dollars.


R 3 years ago

Sorry the meter to house is the homeowner’s bailiwick.

No this relates to the mains and indirectly to the storm water infrastructure choices we have made. It looks like that’s about ready to get a review too.


citized 3 years ago

OK OK lets have them put the meter on the house where all the other meters are. Problem solved. Tell the you will fill hole if they put elsewhere.


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