Schrader, Brantley roll to victory in superior, state court races

LAWRENCEVILLE — Voting for Gwinnett’s next superior court judge turned Tuesday’s election into more of a runaway than a runoff.

With all precincts reporting late Tuesday night, Kathy Schrader had claimed nearly 70 percent of the votes over competitor Tracey Mason Blasi. Schrader had tallied 15,161 of the 21,711 unofficial votes counted. Blasi accounted for just over 30 percent of the votes with a tally of 6,550.

Much like she did in last month’s primary election, Schrader — an experienced attorney and municipal court judge — claimed a major margin of victory.

This time, though, it’s all over.

Schrader, 50, has been an attorney for 25 years, and has also served as a municipal court judge for the cities of Duluth (2005-present) and Sugar Hill (2007-present). Among others, her special appointments include two to the Governor’s Office for Children and Families and another to the Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice.

She has said her primary goal as a superior court judge will be to help create a mental health court in Gwinnett, which would act as an alternative sentencing program for non-violent offenders.

Schrader could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

Schrader shredded the competition in the primary with 43 percent of the vote against four other candidates, but couldn’t quite get to the 50 percent mark to avoid a runoff. Blasi got to Tuesday’s runoff by accumulating about 20 percent of the July 31 vote.

Brantley claims State Court judgeship

Emily Brantley trounced competitor Pam Britt in Tuesday’s runoff to earn a judgeship in Gwinnett County’s state court.

With all precincts reporting late Tuesday night, Brantley had accumulated just less than 60 percent of the 21,144 total votes. Britt accumulated 8,537 votes, good enough for slightly more than 40 percent.

Brantley, an attorney and mother of three, said during her campaign that she had more experience than her competitors, and boasted about her placement among the “top 5 percent of female lawyers according to Martindale-Hubbell.”

Brantley could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

She has said her top priority as a state court judge will be to restore the trust of the public.


CD 2 years, 7 months ago

The only saving grace is that Mason was kicked to the curb.


Karl 2 years, 7 months ago

+1 More like thrown forcefully to the curb.


Mack711 2 years, 7 months ago

Britt did not get my vote for 2 reasons. She was not the most qualified candidate and most important her campaign, including Roy Barnes, left voice mails on my cell phone... wasting my minutes and costing me minutes.


R 2 years, 7 months ago

I don't know, anyone can have a bad day.

I certainly hope the winner performs better on the bench than she in the last run off forum...

There we saw an attorney attempt to "play" as lawyers will do from time to time and was gently, but firmly, placed back on the green.

As to the cell phone, yeah that got really old from every direction.

That said, to the winner goes the spoils and the responsibility along with a hardy congratulations to Judge Brantley.

Here's to many "better" days of service on the bench, may Gwinnett be the winner.


Goodoldboys 2 years, 7 months ago

Mason got beat like a red headed step child. She deserved that butt kicking after that letter she mailed out


R 2 years, 7 months ago

Kathy Schrader you clearly earned the win, very impressive performance in the campaign

Congratulations and here's to many days of service on the bench, may Gwinnett be the winner.


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