GGC welcomes 9,000th student

LAWRENCEVILLE — As the campus of Georgia Gwinnett College came to life this week, the institution welcomed its 9,000th registered student—a milestone in its continued growth.

Freshman Salina Orzikowski said she was excited but nervous about Monday — the first day of classes at the college.

“I have a full schedule of juggling school, soccer and work,” Orzikowski said. “Plus, it’s my first year starting a completely different lifestyle that will ultimately decide my future.”

Added Orzikowski: “Yet, that’s the thrill of it too.”

As the 9,000th student to register at GGC this semester, Orzikowski is also one of the institutions’s first student-athletes. She will play mid-field on the Grizzlies’ women’s soccer team, which opens the college’s historic inaugural year of intercollegiate competition at 1 p.m. Aug. 25.

The young woman said she’s looking forward to playing for the Grizzlies.

“I thank Coach Dom Martelli for giving me a chance to join the first-ever women’s team as well as the opportunity to prove myself as an athlete and to represent an entire college for the first time as it debuts its intercollegiate program,” she said.

“It’s quite a bit of responsibility though. You can’t mess up because it reflects upon not just you but your coaches, your team, the program itself, your school, even Gwinnett County as a whole, but I’m looking forward to it and can’t wait to see what becomes of the team.”

Orzikowski’s mother, Karen, said she is excited about her daughter attending the college and playing sports.


kevin 3 years ago

GGC FY2013 Budget is $110,013,508 / 9,000 students = $12,224 per student.

Public education is costing the taxpayer more and more each year. http://www.usg.edu/fiscal_affairs/documents/usg_budget_fy13.pdf

The Gwinnett Public School System is even worse to educate K-12. FY2013 Budget $1,730,100,000 / 164,035 students = $10,547 (just for grammer & high school kids)


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