County finishes Engage review

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Two years since community activists submitted a list of recommendations to improve the Gwinnett County government, officials have closed the books on Engage Gwinnett.

County leaders recently submitted a final report, analyzing the recommendations and acting on three-quarters of them.

"I volunteered as a private citizen when this process began, and now, as an elected official, I see firsthand the impact these two teams of volunteers have had on county operations and finances," Chairwoman Charlotte Nash said. "With the majority of the recommendations implemented by the county, it is clear that Engage Gwinnett's report was taken seriously. I believe we're better prepared to face future economic challenges as a result."

The committee, which had representatives from business groups as well as local residents, followed up on its recommendations by convening a technology task force to further study ways to increase government efficiency.

"By taking time to study the issues, we were able to provide solid, transparent advice that clearly helped Gwinnett County government increase efficiencies without making drastic service cuts," Engage Gwinnett Co-Chairman Bill McCargo said in a press release.

MIke Levengood, who served as the other co-chairman, added "Our work would not have been successful without the assistance and honest answers of county staff. Their updates and reports over the last two years show the value they placed on our recommendations."