GOOD NEWS: Duluth students dominate geography challenge

SUWANEE -- Students of Duluth High School's Geography Challenge Team dominated the competition over the summer in Nashville.

The National Geography Challenge is a multiple-choice, question-based contest. Participants have 35 minutes to answer 50 geography-related questions. Duluth High School's team scored second highest in the country on the test.

The team included Christopher Baleanu, Alex Broomfield, Kisham Chudasama, Keon Grant, Lexie Hofmann, Joel Katz, Surya Narayanan, Vishnu Ramachandran, Michael Xu and Danny Zang.

In addition, Baleanu tied with a student from Virginia for first place on the individual level in the national contest.

The team was recognized during the Aug. 16 Gwinnett County Public Schools Board of Education meeting.

Collins Hill students are problem solvers

SUWANEE -- Alain Joyz Santos and Nauman Lalani, both students of Collins Hill High School, placed second at the national level after competing at the National TSA Conference in Nashville, Tenn.

Through the Technology Student Association, students participated as a Technology Problem Solving Team, working together to develop and create a solution to a problem using the limited materials provided and the tools allowed.

Completed solutions were objectively measured and judged to determine the best and most effective solution for the stated program.

Santos and Lalani were recognized during the Aug. 16 Gwinnett County Public Schools Board of Education meeting.

Sweetwater Middle School students are word masters

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Students on Sweetwater Middle School's WordMasters Challenge team took home top honors recently during the National WordMasters Challenge.

The team consisted of Ibum Obu, Joshua De La Fuente, Kaitlyn Choe, Rodrigo Herrera, Nabid Varvez, Darlene Praseuth, Jorge Valle, Mariela Prieto-Torres, Jeremiah Scott, Sofia Salazar, James Ha and Buduka Ogonor.

WordMasters is a high-level vocabulary competition based on analogies.

Members of the team were recognized during the Aug. 16 Gwinnett County Public Schools Board of Education meeting.Locals earn Goizueta scholarship at UGAATHENS -- A group of University of Georgia incoming freshmen has been awarded the Goizueta Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship for the 2012-13 academic year.

The award provides $4,000 per year to undergraduates who are fluent in both written and spoken Spanish, have family residing in the United States and have demonstrated financial need as determined by UGA's Office of Student Financial Aid. They also must have strong academic profiles.

Those from Gwinnett County who got the scholarship: Giovanni Navarro, Buford High School; and Luis Valdes, Central Gwinnett High School. For information on UGA scholarships, visit www.admissions.uga.edu.

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