Cops: Caregiver arrested when toddler found wandering neighborhood

SNELLVILLE -- A Snellville woman tasked with watching six children was arrested this week when an toddler wandered away without her knowing it, police said.

The 14-month-old boy walked out of a Springdale Court apartment and into the next neighborhood about a block away Sunday evening. The child was spotted walking in the middle of a street, near a busy intersection, when Snellville police were called.

How long the boy was wandering isn't known, but Snellville police spokesman Sgt. Trey Downs said he was not injured.

Volunteers and police searched the area for some time to find the child's parent or caregiver. Once found, caregiver Tomicka Belgrove, 28, told police, "I didn't even know he was gone," according to an arrest warrant.

Downs said Belgrove was watching her three children and her friend's three children at the time. All of the children were younger than 10.

An arresting officer noted that Belgrove appeared to be "unconcerned" with the child's welfare in talking with police. She was arrested on misdemeanor charges of reckless conduct.

Belgrove is free on $1,300 bond, jail records show.

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