Magazine rates Eastside state's safest hospital

SNELLVILLE -- Eastside Medical Center announced Thursday that the magazine Consumer Reports has rated it the safest hospital in Georgia.

According to the statement from the Snellville hospital, Consumer Reports' August issue rated 1,159 hospitals in 44 states on overall safety "using government and independent sources." The study was the magazine's first.

In analyzing patient safety, Consumer Reports focused on six categories, officials said: infections, readmissions, communications, scanning, serious complications and mortality. The first four categories are weighed at 20 points each, and the latter are 10 points each.

A perfect score would be 100. It was unclear Tuesday what Eastside's exact score was, but officials said the hospital ranked the highest of any in Georgia. A hospital spokeswoman could not be reached for comment.

"Our physicians and staff consider patient safety a top priority and we continually work to improve our safety measures and the quality of care our patients receive," Eastside CEO Kim Ryan said in a statement. "This is an honor to be nationally recognized and a testament to the exceptional patient care provided here at Eastside."


kevin 2 years, 10 months ago

This lady was hired by the hospital from New Orleans after Katrina. Now we know how great the hospital system in run in New Orleans. You have Charity, LSU Medical, and Tulane Medical, all of which are great teaching hospitals. Kudo's to Kim Ryan. I'd like to know where Emory (an Atlanta teaching hospital) and GMC were ranked. Maybe this reporter can look that up for us. Maybe they were too bad to list since apparently only the highest ranking of the hospitals around here were even mentioned in this article!!


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