Sullivan takes job on engineering council

Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Well-known local attorney Michael Sullivan is leaving his law practice to take a position as executive director of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgia.

Sullivan, who has worked for more than a decade as a zoning attorney with Andersen, Tate & Carr, will continue to work on client matters for a few months but said he was excited about the new opportunity.

"As executive director, I will be responsible for leading the organization, its staff and statewide operations, including its advocacy efforts at the State Capitol and with state agencies," said Sullivan, who has worked as a state lobbyist for the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce and recently worked on the unsuccessful campaign to pass a regional transportation sales tax. "I am very excited about this new chapter in my career and am really looking forward to travelling the state and promoting the business of engineering in Georgia."

Sullivan is chairman of the Gwinnett Water and Sewerage Authority.

Norcross business names new CEO, chairperson

NORCROSS -- MDI Group has announced the advancement of two executive team members. Effective Tuesday, Richey Brownfield was promoted to CEO, and Ella Koscik was appointed chairperson.

Brownfield was hired by MDI Group in 1999. He held several operational and sales leadership positions, including professional services delivery director, area vice president and COO, before his appointment to CEO.

As CEO, Brownfield assumes responsibility for achieving the company's operational objectives that include the expansion of its geographic footprint and the continued improvement in the quality and depth of client and consultant services.

Under Koscik, MDI Group achieved profitable growth each year despite numerous downturns in the economy, became consistently ranked "Best Place to Work," and garnered more than 50 industry, community and philanthropic awards.

Based in Norcross, MDI Group focuses on providing IT workforce solutions that help organizations tackle "what's next" in terms of emerging technology projects and challenging business objectives.

For more information, visit www.mdigroup.com.


kevin 3 years ago

"Well-known local attorney Michael Sullivan is leaving his law practice to take a position as executive director of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgia." There is way more to this job than meets the eye folks. This attorney/politician, will just be another lobbyist to get things his supports want him to get passed into law. It is so obvious that he is well-connected. Anyone that was pushing the T-Splost hard must be someone to beware of. He will be starting a new career now. What attorney, who is really successful would give it up to be a lobbyist unless there is something about to go down? The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce is another bunch that spends a lot of money on lobbyist to get what they want no matter if it is good for the citizens or not. Watch this guy closely. He will be working in the background very hard now.


kevin 3 years ago

"Sullivan is chairman of the Gwinnett Water and Sewerage Authority."

Now we know why our water bills are higher than our electric bills! A few years ago the uncollected water bills "rate" was 30%. I wonder if they ever collected these back bills or cut off the water supply to these places? This guy is part of that mismanagement.


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