Purchases made for E-citations program

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Gwinnett officials approved nearly $1 million in printers and other technology, on the way to allow police officers to issue e-citations by the end of the year.

The project will allow officers to input data by reading the barcode on driver's licenses, which enhances accuracy of tickets and allows officers to be back on the road quicker, said Joe Sorenson, Gwinnett government spokesman.

"This type of system also assists the overall justice system by ensuring citations are legible, complete, and available almost immediately upon issue," Sorenson said. "Improvements in officer efficiency can be gained by enabling officers to spend more time patrolling instead of processing paperwork."

Gwinnett police and information technology officials have been working on the equipment and software, which is expected to cost a total of $6.3 million from 2009 sales tax funds. Sorenson noted that the cost also replaces the old notebook computers in police cruisers.

Earlier this month, commissioners approved the purchase of printers for police cruisers at a cost of $700,000 so the citations can be printed.

They also approved the purchase of wireless software from AT&T. IT Director John Matelski said the software will allow connectivity, so information is immediately available to other mobile units.

Commissioner Lynette Howard expressed concerns about dead zones in the county, but Matelski said the provider has agreed to work on the issue.

Gwinnett County Police spokesman Cpl. Ed Ritter said the department plans to hold demonstrations prior to the program's implementation in the coming months.


kevin 2 years, 1 month ago

$1 million +$6.3 million equals $7.3 million for junk toys. Since when do we waste money like this to save 5 min giving out tickets? Computers were the big thing. Now we must be #1 in technology and keep up with more fancy stuff. When will it stop! Waste of our money. As for time saved, yes, a few minutes more for officers to spend eating, sleeping, or texting to family and friends. Give me a break. This IS a waste of taxpayer money. Notice the author didn't specify if this money is coming from a 2009 SPLOST or is implying from the 2009 general fund. If the SPLOST, it certainly is a waste and a diversion from what that money was intended to be spent on. The author doesn't report how much is being added to this total cost for AT&T wireless. A good point is raised. Oh, but our leaders are buying this system "before" the "bugs" (dead zones) are worked out of it. Who are these nuts approving this before it is in perfect working order? (The BOC of course).


citized 2 years, 1 month ago

Why can't drug seized money be used for this purchase? Oh yea thats right they only use it to buy tanks and usless big boy toys.


rextim 2 years, 1 month ago

Oh look, Kevin replied to the article. Let me save you the time in the future and paraphrase what all of his comments say; "I hate the police."

Every post you make on this site has an anti-LEO bias. Grow up!


kevin 2 years ago

I am sorry that you can't interpret stuff buddy. I love police and I would like them to buy anything that saves their lives. Fancy technology equipment for tickets is a waste of money. I don't know what planet you came from that you can't figure this out. I prefer they hire more police than this junk that will be old in a few years and then they will look for more toys to play with and waste time with.


Don_Coyote 2 years, 1 month ago

Since it's "free" SPLOST money I'm hoping there will not be an increase in quotas. Being generous in estimating this for 700 patrol cars since there are 759 total sworn officers including detectives, chiefs, etc. that don't write tickets. Dividing that into 6.3 million you get $9,000.00 per car or a more likely 10K+ given the units that won't need these computers and printers. Regardless, that sound exorbitant at today's prices for laptops and printers even with the wireless charges factored in. I would love to see a break out of the expenses here.

And what does happen if you are in an AT&T dead zone? Do you follow the officer back to the station like the old days or just until he gets a signal?


kevin 2 years ago

This is a waste for a new toy. It's only to save a few minutes on writing tickets for goodness sake. It isn't being spent on something to save the lives of officers on the street. It's a outright waste of taxpayer money and all those involved with this purchases should be held accountable for this waste. Nothing more than a new toy that will be obsolete in 3 years again.


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