POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: GOP leaders happy with Ryan pick

Gwinnett's GOP leadership is excited about presidential candidate Mitt Romney's selection of U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate.

Bruce LeVell, the local party chairman used last weekend's announcement as a chance to rev up the party faithful to begin campaigning in earnest.

"Gov. Romney made a bold and visionary choice for his running mate in selecting Congressman Paul Ryan, demonstrating that he fully understands the stakes in this election. Make no mistake, this pick wasn't simply to win a certain swing state, to appeal to a certain demographic group, or fill in some gap in the presidential candidate's experience (as the Biden pick was clearly designed to appeal to the "foot-in-mouth" demographic!)" LeVell wrote in an email to party members.

"This was a pick for a serious and thoughtful reformer who stands ready on day one to help President Romney get America working again," he continued. "This was a pick because the next president understands that the disastrous moves over the past four years must be undone, and undone quickly, and that this nation must be put back on a path of fiscal responsibility before we become a mirror image of the crumbling socialist states in Europe. This was a pick that gave me hope both for our nation, and for the campaign that Governor Romney is prepared to wage."

The Wisconsin congressman also was an appealing choice for Georgia's senators, both of whom served with Ryan in the House.

"In choosing Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, Gov. Romney has once again underscored that this election is about serious ideas and a turnaround in our nation's fiscal health," U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss said. "I ... know firsthand that, when it comes to budgetary matters, few in Washington are more respected than he is. I congratulate Gov. Romney on his choice of partner to lead America back to economic stability."

U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson also congratulated Romney.

"Paul Ryan is a serious candidate who has clearly demonstrated that he has the discipline to help Gov. Romney tackle our country's very serious fiscal issues," Isakson said. "He understands that America cannot afford to continue to go down a path of record debt and deficits, and he has real solutions to get our nation back on a path of prosperity."

The Con

Of course, not all local leaders are happy with the choice.

Mike Berlon, a Loganville lawyer who heads the Democratic Party of Georgia said the choice shows a strong difference with the president.

"The Ryan choice highlights future attacks on seniors, students, the middle class and veterans. Romney and Ryan have both advocated the privatization of Social Security," Berlon said. "They are also fanatical about changing Medicare to a voucher-style program, with the value of each voucher decreasing over time. This would leave a bigger and bigger gap for our seniors to pay out of their own pocket."

There is a stark difference in tax policy between the two campaigns, he added.

"Democrats don't believe that millionaires should get additional tax breaks while middle class taxes go up," Berlon said. "Why are we asking teachers and factory workers to pay more in taxes? They're the ones that have been hurt the most by the Bush recession, especially here in Georgia."

Berlon also questioned Ryan's plans to cut programs like transportation and education.

"We need sensible solutions," Berlon said. "Democrats know that Ryan and Romney's plan would reverse America's recovery. We can't balance the federal budget on the backs of our middle-class. Romney's choice here shows how out of touch he is with real working families."

Correction on campaign mailer

One word can make all the difference in a campaign mail piece.

So Mark Rountree, the campaign spokesman for Emily Brantley's judicial race, did a big mea culpa Wednesday, apologizing for an error in a recent mailing.

The flier said Brantley was "endorsed by Gwinnett County Bar Association," but since the association did not take a stand, the word "president" was meant to follow the phrase, Rountree said, apologizing for the misprint.

Rountree said previous bar association president Matt Reeves endorsed Brantley in next week's runoff, where she faces attorney Pam Britt.

"We are proud to receive the endorsement of many members of the Gwinnett Bar Association including Greg Lundy and Richard Winegarden, former candidates for this office," Rountree added.

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teelee 3 years ago

I can't wait for the Vice Presidential Debates so I can watch Ryan clean Biden's clock!


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