Perp in Lilburn targeting elderly female drivers

LILBURN -- Lilburn police believe one local suspect has been taking purse snatching to a new, more calculated level.

There have been three incidents in the last month of the "scam" primarily targeting female senior citizens, Lilburn police spokesman Capt. Ben Haynes said. According police accounts of each case, the suspect -- described as a "white or Hispanic male" in a black or grey full-sized pickup truck -- typically pulls alongside elderly drivers and motions for them to roll their window down.

The suspect then tells the victim that their rear tire is low on air, and to pull over so they can help.

"Once the victim pulls over the suspect will approach the passenger side of the vehicle and motion for the victim to roll down the window," Haynes said. "Once the window is rolled down the suspect will then grab the victim's purse and drive away."

A female counterpart, also described only as white or Hispanic, has been seen with the suspect during all three incidents. The pickup truck used is possibly a Dodge Ram, Haynes said.

Anyone who feels they are being targeted by this scam, or has information pertaining to the investigation, is urged to call the police.