Feds order state to pay summer unemployment claims

ATLANTA (AP) -- A federal agency's decision might lead to thousands of Georgia bus drivers, cafeteria workers and private school teachers getting summer unemployment benefits after the state denied them the money.

Officials say the payments could amount to millions of dollars.

State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler had instituted a benefits change earlier this year, saying it was unfair to pay the seasonal benefits when public school system employees don't get them.

But U.S. Department of Labor officials determined that Georgia violated workplace laws by refusing to pay the benefits.

A letter says federal officials have ordered Butler to rescind the ruling and pay the teachers and contract workers.

State labor officials have sought legal guidance on the matter from Georgia's attorney general.


kevin 3 years, 1 month ago

what ever happened to State's Rights under the Obama administration? This was given to us by the Constitution, not to be taken away by Obama. Get rid of public unions is the next battle cry for a politician to get elected folks. Their pension costs and salaries of those with over 20+ years is close to half the teaching budget. Get new blood and we can cut more. All the more reason to up the school year to 200 days. Better to have them work for their money than to sit home complaining.


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