Police: Man peeped in bathroom through hole carved in floor

SUGAR HILL -- A peeping Tom suspect is accused of carving a hole through the floor of a Sugar Hill trailer for a vantage point into the home's bathroom.

Police investigating a prowler call Sunday night in the 1300 block of Hickory Hills Drive spotted Steven Appling, 49, of Sugar Hill, sitting at the corner of two nearby streets. He was identified by a resident of the trailer as a man who was shooed away after being caught looking in the windows of a children's room that night, according to a Gwinnett police report.

Appling, who was "belligerent and verbally abusive," told police he was merely looking for his boots near the trailer. Police didn't buy it, arresting him on loitering and prowling charges, the report states.

En route to jail, Appling reasoned that he was simply "trying to see those (breasts)," Officer JP Kimsey wrote in the report. The officer placed a boot that allegedly belonged to Appling in evidence and returned to work.

That's when the situation devolved from strange to downright bizarre.

The adult trailer residents summoned police back to the scene after finding that a large part of the trailer's siding had been ripped away near a staircase.

Deep in a crawl space, they'd spotted a clean, blue mattress, and above that a hole dug into the trailer's floor, creating a vantage point into a bathroom via a medicine cabinet.

"I could actually see the shower curtain and toilet," the officer wrote. "If you laid (sic) down or sat on the blue mattress you had a very clear view of the bathroom."

A quest for the second boot beneath the trailer had to be suspended because the space was crawling with black widow spiders, the officer noted. But the set-up was enough to charge Appling with burglary, in addition to peeping Tom and prowling.

Jail records show Appling was on probation and has been arrested in Gwinnett 15 times since 1999, including another burglary charge last month. He served a year in a Georgia prison for a 2005 DUI and fleeing police conviction in Hall County.

Appling is scheduled to appear before a magistrate judge in a probable cause hearing Friday.


chasmcjr 3 years ago

how many chances does this guy get before he spends any real time in prison?


toby 3 years ago

Somebody should have pee'd in the hole.


mustardandbiscuit 3 years ago



mustardandbiscuit 3 years ago

Awwww, him got a boo boo (bottom lip protruding) :-( ....


deborahgagirl 3 years ago

this bipolor man is and has lived in my neighborhood for thirty yrs. use to be a family friend yrs ago. i just ran him off my property a few days ago. i have three daughters and its very scary to know he will be back on the streets like many times before. parents watch ur children. u never know whos lurking around out there.


HonestIngine 3 years ago

One sick puppy... Send him to the Federal Pen...Where true dogs belong...


BuzzG 3 years ago

Jerry Sandusky needs a cellmate.


Basscat 3 years ago

Wow! He must be really hard-up! What a sick-o! Couldn't he have rented a porn movie instead?


suedehead 3 years ago

It's lay, not laid. As in "The suspect had to lay on a matress in a crawl space and spy through a peephold to see a naked lady, probably because he never gets laid."

All that trouble just to see some (breasts). I can't turn on a tv, open a magazine or go online without them poppin' out at me.


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