Plan for Buford Highway medians presented at City Council meeting

DULUTH -- The section of Buford Highway between Ga. Highway 120 and Davenport Road is expected to get a makeover in the near future.

With the area being high traffic, and the city taking into account drivers' safety, a concept plan to put in a median on that section of road was presented and passed at Monday's Duluth City Council meeting.

The median will have two breaks, including one at Box Road, to prevent drivers from having to go to one end or the other to make U-turns to get to their destination.

"When we looked at putting breaks in, we studied the traffic flow and where the highest area of left turns were," Planning Director Glenn Coyne said.

Councilmember Marsha Anderson Bomar raised concern over the two breaks being so close together. She added that she wasn't sure the Georgia Department of Transportation would allow for the breaks to be in such close proximity.

However, Coyne said the DOT was aware of the proximity of the breaks and that they went on the walks to study the traffic patterns as well.

To pay for the project, the city will use grants of $300,000 and $150,000, along with matching SPLOST funds.

"We're going to be able to put those grants to good use," Coyne said.

The motion passed 3-2 with Bomar and councilman Greg Whitlock voting no on its passage.

Other items discussed at the meeting include:

-- An awarding of a bid to Alan Densmore Inc. to demolish the house at 2970 Ennfield Lane, a property that was destroyed by arson with the owner fleeing the country afterward. The property recently was condemned and the $2,970 fee to demolish the property will be reimbursed by Chase Mortgage.

-- The bid of Gary's Grading and Pipeline Inc. was approved for the construction of four high priority stormwater utility projects within the city. Last year, a stormwater utility fund was implemented and the $320,000 bid on the project will be covered by those funds.