THE DISH: Dumpling House


Staff Photo: Meghan Kotowski Duluth's Dumpling House serves Korean cuisine, including pork rib kimchee stew with several sides, like white rice, banchan, tofu and broccoli.


Dumpling House

Dumpling House


• Man doo guk — Dumpling soup in a hot broth, $9

• Dak dori tang — Braised chicken with bones and mixed vegetables. Serves two people, $23

• Doenjang jji gae — Bean paste stew with tofu and mixed vegetables, $7

• Dak kal guk soo — Chicken noodle soup, $8

Dumpling House

2645 N. Berkeley Lake Road, Building E, Suite 129, Duluth


Open since: Feb. 25

Owner: Daniel Chang

Location: Dumpling House is off of N. Berkeley Lake Road behind the Walmart in a new strip mall. Once in the parking lot, look for Building E and the restaurant is next to Ying's Beauty Group.

Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays, 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Sundays, closed Mondays

Atmosphere: The restaurant is a little hard to find because all of the store fronts in the strip mall are written in Korean and other Asian languages with English (in smaller type) underneath the signs. When you find Building E, Dumpling House is on the first floor on the left side of the strip mall.

When you make it through the front doors, someone will help you to either a booth or a table. The eatery is decorated in oranges, browns, tans and whites, which makes the space feel inviting and warm. The one thing that stands out are the multi-colored porcelain chickens roosting around the restaurant.

"Honesty, they were here before we moved in," owner Daniel Chang said. "There were many more, but we sold them. Lots of customers wanted to buy them, so we let them. One of our main dishes is a chicken noodle soup, so (the decor) worked with the chickens."

For those of you who have never eaten at a Korean restaurant, there is a button at each table -- don't be afraid to use it. When you need your server for anything, especially when it is a busy day, push the button and they will be at your table to assist you. If not, they may not come back to your table for a while to let you dine in peace.

Menu: The menu may be intimidating for first time diners, but everything is written in both Korean and English, unless you're reading to items printed on the wall. Those are only in Korean, but they are included in the regular menu.

Everything served here is from Chang's mother's recipe book.

"My mom likes to cook and has had maybe four or five restaurants before this," Chang said. "These are all of her recipes."

When Chang first opened the doors in February, he was only offering chicken and vegetable dishes. After awhile, patrons kept asking for other things, so Chang's mother added them to the menu. Now Dumpling House offers pork, beef and fish dishes.

The one thing that the restaurant is known for is its dumplings (or mandoo), if you couldn't guess. The mandoo is made from a dumpling wrapper and filled with minced meat and scallions -- and made by hand daily. The two-bite treats can be eaten as a meal or in soup.

Things you might not know: Chang was previously in the construction business.