Loganville closes land deals for public park, pavilion

LOGANVILLE -- City officials voted Thursday to go ahead with the purchase of the land located at 235 Main St. (formerly Catfish College restaurant). The purchase price was $220,810.36. Recently, the city also purchased the parcel of land at 4400 Pecan St. Mayor Ray Nunley stated that both parcels will be used for greenspace, housing a pavilion and city park to serve as a focal point for the city.

Council members also voted to approve up to $75,000 to demolish the existing structures and make the necessary changes to build the public facilities.

"We have needed for years a focal point for our city," Nunley said. "Hopefully, this will be the first step in developing downtown Loganville. I can't wait to see this thing come out of the ground."

Wine tasting permits available to business owners

City leaders also approved Thursday an ordinance allowing businesses with wine and beer licenses to host wine tastings. The original annual permit fee was reduced from a proposed $200 to $100. In September, at councilman Mike Jones' suggestion, a similar ordinance will be passed to allow craft beer tastings.

Jones stated that his opposition to allowing alcohol sales is well known throughout the site, but "because my constituents want it," he would support the measure.

Councilman Skip Baliles said that he hopes this action will show small businesses in Loganville that the council supports them.

"I think we all see that this is 2012. We either move ahead or get left behind," Nunley said.

Martinez deployed for six months

Councilman Rey Martinez will be absent from his council seat for six months, beginning with the September council meeting. The councilman, who has served for two years, has been deployed to the Middle East, "but with technology, I plan to continue to serve on council," he said.

Other council members and Nunley thanked Martinez for his service and said they look forward to his return to Loganville early next year.


roaads1 3 years, 1 month ago

If Gwinnett has the money now is a great time to buy land. It's cheap.


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