DISC SPOTLIGHT: 'Grimm' Season 1

Grimm Season one

Blu-ray (NR)

Movie: 4 out of 4 stars

Disc: 4 out of 4 stars

The closest network TV has ever come to matching and often exceeding premium-level cable, "Grimm" is less episodic television and more like mini-movies on a par with "The Sopranos" or "Sex in the City." Adapting the centuries' old European fairy tales into a modern American context is a tough nut to crack yet the assorted writers and directors do so with remarkable ingenuity and amazing consistency. Yes, it's technically "horror," but then again, so is "Twilight," which shows just how far apart the level of quality can be in this sorely misunderstood and often-exploited genre.

Technical specs: aspect ratio: Widescreen (1.78:1/1080p), audio: English (5.1 DTS-HD MA, Dolby Digital 2.0), subtitles: English.

Special features include:

• "Grimm Guide" -- interactive character Blu-ray exclusive feature

• Deleted and extended scenes

• "The World of Grimm" background featurette

• "Making Monsters" featurette

• Audition footage and more(Universal, $69.98)