Chamber kicks off annual membership drive

DULUTH -- Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce leaders kicked off a volunteer-led membership and sponsorship campaign, hoping to reach a nearly $1 million fundraising goal.

The campaign, titled "Climbing the Charts to No. 1," is lead by co-chairs Phil Wolfe of Gwinnett Medical Center and Sherwood McDuffie of SunTrust Bank and includes more than 150 team members and chamber staff.

Also hoping to add 100 new members through January, the goal has doubled in the last five years, reaching $950,000, a press release said.

"Gwinnett Chamber volunteers will sell memberships and sponsorships to advance chamber and community initiatives with the ultimate reward of earning a trip to St. Thomas," said Phil Wolfe, Gwinnett Medical Center CEO and campaign co-chair. "I would like to encourage all Chamber members to join us in what promises to be a record-breaking campaign."

Volunteers who generate $11,500 will be eligible for the trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands, the release said.

"I can attest that this speaks volumes to the volunteers who work hard each year to push the envelope and not only reach our goal but surpass it," said McDuffie, who has been a part of the annual membership campaign for five years. "As we head towards the $1 million mark, I couldn't resist the opportunity to come back and help lead and support the Chamber's efforts in this unprecedented achievement."

The money, the release said, helps the Chamber sustain programs for business development, community involvement and member services, and the campaign helps volunteers grow professionally and expand business and community contacts.

"If you are approached by one of the campaign's volunteers, please take a few minutes to browse the Sponsorship Product Manual," said Vince DeSilva, the Chamber's vice president of member services. "There might be a perfect match for your business to gain valuable exposure in the Gwinnett area business community by supporting the Chamber program you value most. There's still time to join in the fun and get involved."

For more information on how to join a team, contact Donna McBee at 770-232-8810 or donna@gwinnettchamber.org.


rco1847 2 years, 11 months ago

The Gwinnett Chamber of Communists. Destroying neighborhoods one Briscoe Field at a time.


teelee 2 years, 10 months ago

Briscoe Field will be privatized eventually and maybe your neighborhood won't be littered with vacant weedy foreclosed homes when the money and jobs start returning to Gwinnett.


by teelee


rco1847 2 years, 10 months ago

TeeLee: There isn't a single vacant house in my sub-division of 155 homes. Maybe you live of=n the wrong side of the tracks TeeLee There are other economic opportunities TeeLee. We don't need a regional airport in every county in Georgia.


NewsReader 2 years, 10 months ago

I can't wait! I certainly hope one of these volunteers approaches me. This should be fun.


kevin 2 years, 10 months ago

Whenever I see or hear the word "development," I start to shiver for Gwinnett. It means more devastation and work for those developers at our expense, more traffic and taxes.


Mack711 2 years, 10 months ago

Volunteers who generate $11,500 will be eligible for the trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands, the release said

Wait a minute, they want to raise money but giving away trips? Something is not right here. Teh question now is how much will this cost the taxpayer and the BOE?


SabrinaWorks247 2 years, 10 months ago

Hi Mack: Volunteers are asked to generate $11,500 to win a trip. Gwinnett County Public Schools has given about $900,000 to the chamber. What do teachers and school children get in return for the school board and Wilbanks giving education dollars to the chamber?


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