Grayson teacher and Olympian hoping for gold


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GRAYSON -- Whether she brings home olympic gold, silver, bronze--or nothing at all--a new trigonometry teacher at Grayson High School is likely to be a favorite among fellow educators at the high school.

There's no doubt in the mind of an administrator at the school, who said women's high jumper Chaunte Lowe is going to make Grayson, Gwinnett County, Georgia and the United States of America proud of the 28-year-old athlete.

"It's a big deal, and it's pretty cool," said Principal David Hopson. "She's driven. She's really shooting for it. She's got a lot of faith, and she believes she'll bring home the gold."

Lowe will compete in qualifying rounds of the women's high jump competition, which is scheduled to be televised on NBC at 9:30 a.m. Thursday.

If Lowe succeeds in Thursday's event, she'll go on to the finals, which are scheduled to be televised at 7 p.m. Saturday.

Hopson said he's excited to see it on television.

"We'll be living vicariously through her," Hopson said. "The entire Grayson community is excited about watching her compete."

Lowe isn't alone in her athletic prowess and affinity for teaching at Grayson High School.

Husband, Mario, is an information technolgoy teacher at Grayson High School as well as a world-class triple jumper. Hopson said Mario left Tuesday afternoon to join his wife in London.

Hopson said both of the Lowes are brand-new teachers at Grayson. "When we first started talking with her about a job in July, we were aware that she was going to the Olympics," he said.

According to the official London 2012 Olympics website, in the high jump, athletes take a run-up before jumping over a four-meter wide bar resting on supports. The athlete must take off from one foot only and the bar must remain on its supports.

Hopson said he believes Lowe has got what it takes.

"She's full of confidence," he said. "I think she's got a good chance to bring home the gold."