Painted ceiling tiles added to Glancy Center

DULUTH -- Hand-painted ceiling tiles are the newest addition to patient rooms at the Glancy Rehabilitation Center.

At Glancy -- a service of Gwinnett Medical Center's Duluth campus -- patients receive care for a variety of neurologic and orthopedic conditions. The center recently commissioned several local artists to paint ceiling tiles with "beautiful landscapes" to help those patients feel more relaxed during treatment.

The project was part of Glancy's new "Healing Art" program.

"To help relieve stress, we believed that our patients could benefit from a healing art program," GMC-Duluth president Lea Bay said. "We wanted to build a strong program by giving local artists the opportunity to leave their legacy through their work at Glancy Rehab."

More than 20 artists have worked thus far on the tiles, which are "ranging from mountains, forests, oceans and floral imagery." The rehab center expects to collect enough paintings for every patient room.

Bobbie Flowers, owner of Luv for Art in Duluth, donated space for artists to paint. Glancy is also working closely with Johns Creek Art Center.