The Daily "Post" - Aug. 8, 2012 - Summer break

"Start school the day after Labor Day and let the kids and their families have their summers!"

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Dubbin 2 years, 5 months ago

Agreed. Cut the whole week off at Thanksgiving nonsense, the teacher work days, election day, MLK day, early release days and run school until the first week of June and you could do it easy. Kids and families would have more time off as would teachers. And we wouldn't have to pay to air condition these huge schools through the month of August which must cost a fortune. But schools are a government operation and what I'm advocating makes way too much sense.


GwinnettGirl 2 years, 5 months ago

Used to be students would return on the third Monday in August and end sometime between June 6 and 10. Not any more, unfortunately. It's all about the high school schedule. Students must take their first semester exams before leaving for Christmas/winter break. Still, it is possible to achieve that goal without students starting the first Mon. in August.
Having the entire week off for Thanksgiving is not necessary. That was done because of high absences on the Wed. before T'giving, and it was concluded that to have students come to school on just Mon. & Tues. didn't make sense. Really? In this year's calendar students return after winter break on Thurs. Jan. 3 for just 2 days. Other county schools return Monday. Does it make sense to have students return to school on a Thursday?
Teachers had to work election day July 31 so why not have election day Nov. 6 as a school day? Change 2 early release days for conferences into one day off for conferences.
Too many logical suggestions that make sense won't happen. Impossible to please all the people.


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