Sugar Hill considers new flag at meeting

SUGAR HILL — As Sugar Hill's downtown city hall complex and streetscape approach completion, Gwinnett County's fourth-largest city is considering its crowning elements.

A sculpture or statue had been considered for the traffic circle at West Broad Street and Whitehead Road or in front of city hall at West Broad and Temple Drive. At the City Council's monthly planning session Monday night, a modernized flag was chosen to fly with U.S. and state flags in front of the two-story, 33,000-square-foot city hall.

Four flags were considered Monday to replace the city's little-known existing one, which reads "City of Sugar Hill, Growth and Progress," encircling the city's tree emblem.

"Our current flag doesn't seem up to standards these days for various reasons," Mayor Gary Pirkle said of desire for a newer, more contemporary emblem.

"We recognized that flag was not who we want to be and does not represent us (now)," City Manager Bob Hail said. "Because we're building a new city hall, we need our own flag, representing who Sugar Hill is now and what we want to be."

Sugar Hill touts itself as the "Recreation City," and that was on the bottom of the four flags considered, as was the city?s tree emblem. Three flags depicted city hall, a gazebo, clock and wagon of mounded sugar from the city's seal, as well as its founding year of 1939. The fourth — the one most simply including the city's name, recreation designation and tree — is what the council chose.

"We're so much more than just those things," Councilman Steve Edwards said of the others.

The council also discussed:

Displaying students' art in common areas of city hall. Former council member Kim Hall, now a member of the city's planning commission, suggested the city display student art year-round on a rotating basis, as city halls and libraries sometimes do.

The logistics of toting sound and light equipment from the street down into the amphitheater next to city hall. Earl Griffith, drawing from experience facilitating events in downtown Duluth, raised talking points about how heavy stage equipment could most simply be set up and torn down, and what rigging could be hung from the stage's roof, etc.

When tentatively to hold a public preview or grand opening for city hall, which is projected to be complete by year's end.


notblind 3 years, 2 months ago

Surely there is some well connected company that can design them a flag for a few hundred thousand dollars.


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