LETTERS: With T-SPLOST defeated, state will have to budget properly

Now state can practice living within its means

To Gov. Deal and all T-SPLOST supporters, since this failed, you will have to do what 98 percent of the state of Georgia and probably the United States, does -- budget your money properly.

Mr. Deal, you said it very simply: you will have to prioritize your construction and road projects according to the money you have. Being on social security and disability, prioritizing every penny I have is a daily function. The most important things will get done. And the fluff can come later.

Linda Hutchinson, Duluth


JimmyOrr 2 years, 7 months ago

Linda, your letter was concise and to the point. With TSPLOST becoming TSPLAT our local and state leaders may be finally coming to grips that we taxpayers expect them to do what we have been doing for years and that is (quoting from you) prioritze the necessities with the "fluff" coming later if there is money to warrant such. However, we have an even bigger job with the crowd in Washington in getting them to start wielding the axe to the 900 Federal grant programs and the 2,001 (last count) Federal subsidy programs and the bloated Federal breaucracy which administers them. James H. (Jimmy) Orr, Jr.


kevin 2 years, 7 months ago

Georgia has a great road foundation, rock, clay. Roads do not often get bad and in need of repairs. Many road projects are going on all the time. Georgia does not have such a terrible road situation as the media and politicians try to shove down our throats. What we do have a problem with in Georgia is the priority list. The state doesn't seem to be able to spend our road money on the most important projects that are needed. The past issues have been caused by rampart and haphazard development that has been allowed to take place because of our councils and commissioners. Road decisions are made more for political reasons than for traffic reasons. Many citizens are very glad this T-Splost failed because of its reckless list of wasteful projects that would not have solved your traffic issues.

Get this so-called leader we have in the governor's house to bite the bullet and expand some form of mass transit. More roads and development is NOT going to ever solve traffic problems. Traffic problems are form too many cars on the road at one time, not from poor roads or lack thereof. Stop giving politicians any road money until they prove to us they have a good list of priorities that will FIX the problem,not push it down the road.


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