Film fans are surprised with sci-fi twist in 'The Watch'

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1 out of 4 stars

It's apparent that when the team of writers came up with the idea for "The Watch" they didn't just ask the one basic screen writing question of "what if." They apparently asked what kind of script it is. Is it sci-fi? Horror? Raunchy comedy? It's obvious the resounding answer was, "Hey, wait, let's do all three!"

It begins with what looks to be a vicious break-in at the local Costco. It just so happens the security guard was brutally murdered in the process, inspiring Evan, the assistant manager, to form a neighborhood watch and catch the killer. He's joined by Bob, Franklin and Jamarcus -- and this is supposed to be where hilarity ensues. Unfortunately, what actually ensues is mostly boredom and vulgar humor that seems to be played out in literally every Vince Vaughn movie, and a ridiculous plot about space aliens being responsible for the murder. Yes, you read it right, space aliens ... set to take over the world.

I'm all for stupid comedy. And this is a talented cast. But they had to read the script. And I wonder, did they ask those questions? What is it? Sci-fi? Horror? Raunchy comedy? The sad answer: "Who cares? I get paid."

-- Ron Adams, Statham

1/2 star out of 4 stars

This is a movie that should have never been released. Its weak attempt at humor is overshadowed by a filthy script that is boring and lame. Despite the star power, this flick underachieves more than a politician panning for votes. How ironic it's rated "R" as the producer could have easily toned it down to a "PG-13" and raked in a ton of money.

The ridiculous story-line has four pathetic citizens coming together to create a vigilante citizen "watch" committee -- kind of like security guards on steroids, looking for an alien who is murdering citizens. It doesn't work a bit as the jokes are terrible and the movie just implodes before your very eyes. You can't make this up as this may be the worst movie in 2012. Just hope I don't see another flick this year that tops this resounding loser. If you're wise, you will stay a galaxy away from this awful release.

-- Rick Wright, Auburn

3 out of 4 stars

This film can best be described as "Men in Black" meets "Dodgeball." Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller once more join forces for at least their fourth movie -- along with Jonah Hill -- so the cast is a familiar and popular combination. The newcomer to the crowd is Richard Ayoade, whose dry wit has been showcased before in stand-up comedy acts. All together, the silly and quick witted dialogue between the actors was enjoyably contagious.

"The Watch," previously titled "Neighborhood Watch," is on the surface about a misfit group of concerned neighbors banding together to protect their community from criminal activity with an alien twist. The secondary plot, however, delves into family relationships with surprising depth for a light-hearted sci-fi.

I recommend seeing this movie, even at evening full cost.

-- Cathryn Veal, Lawrenceville