Runoffs for Superior, State Court judges; decisive win in Probate Court


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LAWRENCEVILLE — Despite more than doubling the vote tally of her nearest competitor, Kathy Schrader is headed to a runoff.

Even with a massive lead, Schrader couldn't quite reach the 50 percent mark that would have enabled her to avoid a runoff to be the next Gwinnett County Superior Court judge. Unofficial results early Wednesday morning, with 99.36 percent of precincts reporting, gave her 43.5 percent of the votes.

Tracey Mason Blasi managed 20.4 percent of the vote. Even 23 percent and nearly 19,000 votes short of Schrader, it was good enough to take second place and get into the Aug. 21 runoff.

Schrader finished with 35,468 unofficial votes. Blasi finished with 16,607. A candidate must earn a majority of the votes to avoid a runoff.

There were a total of five candidates in Tuesday's voting. Robert D. Walker finished in third place with 14,263 votes, good enough for just over 17 percent.

-- The race to replace Robert Mock as Gwinnett County State Court judge is also headed to a runoff.

Three of the five candidates — Emily Brantley, Pam Britt and Richard Winegarden — hovered around 25 percent of the vote most of the night, but it was Brantley (28 percent, 22,477 votes) and Britt (27 percent, 21,612 votes) who ended in the unofficial top two spots.

Winegarden, who served as a state court judge before 20 years on the bench in Gwinnett County's Superior Court, finished in third with 18,683 votes, or 23 percent.

-- Chris Ballar claimed a resounding win over Marlene Duwell for a Probate Court judge seat.

Ballar, an estate and elder law attorney, took just under 60 percent of the ballots with 33,491 votes. Duwell is the Probate Court's chief clerk. Both ran as Republicans.

There is no democratic challenger in the only partisan judge race.


Karl 3 years ago

Glad to see Winegarden was kicked to the curb...again. Go away Richard, we don't like you.


Mack711 3 years ago

Had to appear before Winegarden, He gave the impression that you were guilty until you proved your innocence not to the court and the legal system, but to him. He was a terrible judge. That is why he lost.


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