Lawrenceville man fires shots at wife, hits neighbor's house

LAWRENCEVILLE -- A Lawrenceville man is facing aggravated assault charges after gunshots allegedly aimed at his wife struck a neighbor's home, coming to rest in the walls of two children's bedrooms.

Gwinnett County police were called to Amelia Garden Way Sunday morning after a resident reported finding several bullet holes in her house, three of which were in the walls of bedrooms where her grandchildren were staying. The woman reported hearing shots at about 3 a.m. before going back to sleep.

Police quickly traced the source to the next door neighbor, whose garage door reportedly had bullet holes in it as well.

Detectives spoke with resident Saleem Hassan, who told them he was in a "heated argument" with his wife when he got his .40-caliber handgun and "began shooting inside the house." Hassan's wife told police he had shot in her direction, according to an incident report.

"She told (officers) that he fired the weapon into their bedroom while she was in the other bedroom across the hall," the report said. "(The woman) said she ran into the kitchen because she was scared. She said that her husband followed her and then fired the other two rounds in her direction and hit the wall."

The victim told police Hassan was saying "I can't take this anymore" as he fired.

Hassan, who told authorities he was a retired New York police officer, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, reckless conduct, second-degree criminal damage to property and discharge of a gun near the street. Jail records show he was being held without bond.

No one in the neighbor's house was injured, though the homeowner later discovered another bullet had gone through her garage door and shattered the rear window of a car.


kevin 3 years, 5 months ago

This guy needs plenty of help. If he shoots that bad, he shouldn't be allowed to own a gun and probably won't ever now that he is charged with a felony. One less idiot on the streets. Can you believe, he was a N.Y. retired police officer? Wonder how many dogs & cats he hit instead of criminals.


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