LARSON: A hole lot of fun happening in Gwinnett parks

Susan Larson

Susan Larson


• What: Cornhole for Fun

• Where: Best Friend Park Gym at 6224 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Norcross

• When: Saturday, 10 a.m.

• Cost: $4 Gwinnett residents; $8, non-residents

• Info: Call 770-417-2212 (Code BFGY 14196)

"Mom, do you still have your sewing machine?" my son asked.

"Sure, it's in the closet," I said wondering what my adult son might want. It was spring, so I knew it wasn't Halloween costumes, which was the only thing I ever made for them. Well, except for some jams back in the '80s.

"We need some beanbags," he said.

Beanbags? My adult sons want their mother to make them beanbags? Like what they played with as toddlers to develop gross motor skills back before physical activity evolved into nothing more than thumb action on a keypad? I was intrigued.

"They're really expensive to buy and the color choices are limited," he went on. "And they have instructions online so you can make them regulation size."

"Regulation size? For what?" I asked.

"For cornholing," he said.


"It's a new game. You score points by tossing beanbags into a hole in a wooden board. We're making our own boards and we thought it would be nice to have custom made beanbags, too."

Admittedly flattered that my sons wanted to employ their mom's talents in this "new" game they'd discovered, I went online and read the instructions: Cut squares exactly seven inches with a half inch seam allowance. OK. I can handle that. The tough part was finding sturdy enough fabric with Georgia Tech colors and "something with fish."

The next step was to surf the 'Net to see where I could purchase the required filling of not beans, but feed corn. The only place I could find it was in a now-defunct feed store in Lawrenceville where a grumpy old man asked, "Are you sure this is what you want?"

"I'm sure," I said.

As he tossed a 50-pound bag, the smallest size they carried, into my trunk of my Cadillac, he warned me, "Make sure it's what you want. You can't return it."

I didn't say it, but I thought, "Look, just because I'm blonde and I'm the only one here not wearing overalls and driving a pickup doesn't mean I don't know what to do with a bag of feed corn."

As time went on, I really got a kick out of seeing how much fun my boys were having with their custom-made cornhole bags. And I also got tickled when we had friends over and they asked about the boys.

"Oh, they're out back cornholing. They'd love to have you join them." I'd say.

Now I see that the rest of the world has caught on to this "new" sport. Gwinnett Parks and Recreation is holding a "Cornhole for Fun" event this Saturday. They'll have instructions for beginners and even provide the bags! But if you have some custom bags lovingly made by your mother, feel free to bring them.

Susan Larson is a writer from Lilburn. Email her at susanlarson79@gmail.com.


sarahldavis 3 years, 5 months ago

It's amazing how Susan always has a neat story to tie in with the community event!


kevin 3 years, 5 months ago

Include car break-ins while you are writing about parks.


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