LETTERS: GDOT deserves thanks

Several months ago, I spoke with the acting director (now the director) of the Gwinnett County Department of Transportation, Kim Conroy, concerning the installation of a left turn arrow on Georgia Highway 20 at Braselton Highway (Highway 124). For years, drivers coming from Buford on Highway 20 who live off Braselton Highway have been risking their lives to make a left turn onto Highway 124 just before Chadwick's Market. Mr. Conroy relayed that approval would have to come through the Georgia Dept. of Transportation.

Earlier this week as I was coming home from the Mall of Georgia I approached that intersection, was sitting at the red light looking at traffic backed up to Swanson Drive, when -- Wow! -- I got a left turn arrow. Appreciation is due the Gwinnett County Department of Transportation and the state.

In my opinion, it was only a matter of time before a tragic accident would take place at this extremely busy intersection. This has renewed my faith in local government.

Well done, DOT.

-- Gaye McNeil,



JimmyOrr 2 years, 8 months ago

Excellent complimentary letter recognizing the joint efforts put forth by our Georgia DOT and Gwinnett County DOT to alleviate a safety concern at this intersection as pointed out by Gaye. It was thoughtful of her to recognize our "newly minted" Director of Gwinnett County DOT, Kim Conroy. Kim has served our county well since day one of his employment with Gwinnett County DOT to present. He will continue to serve us well as Director of the department. Gaye has also served, and continues to serve, our county well. She is a retired educator and is now a community activist. Her letter should serve as a reminder that when credit is due, we all should take the time to recognize our public servants whether they be in public safety or public works.

James H. (Jimmy) Orr, Jr.


kevin 2 years, 8 months ago

Kim Conroy has been helping residents get many needed road improvements and other necessary signage to help the drivers we have here that can't read. Kim has done more in 1 yr than the other gut did in 25 yrs. Brian Allen just did a lot of talking with no action. Allen is identical to the way all politicians are. They do nothing when close to retirement or the end of their term. I say hats off to Kim also. An experienced department head and someone who actually meets with you and gets things done.


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