Ga. gov signs package of tax changes

ATLANTA (AP) -- Gov. Nathan Deal has signed legislation that gradually eliminates the annual car tax, cuts taxes for married couples and gives perks to businesses.

The Republican governor said Thursday when he signed the bill that the changes will make Georgia "a better place to run and grow a business." State lawmakers earlier passed the legislation by wide margins.

Under the plan, married couples will get a $2,000 increase in the amount of income they can shield from the state's income tax.

Georgia will also slowly phase out the annual tax on motor vehicles. People buying cars or trucks after March 1, 2013, will pay a one-time tax that tops out at 7 percent. They will no longer get an annual property tax bill pegged on the value of their vehicle.


kevin 3 years, 4 months ago

I guess this is good news. Anytime the middle class and families can get a tax break, it is a good thing. As for the car property tax, there are very few large cities, not even states, that still have this tax. Look at La. for example. Only in New Orleans do people pay this tax. Most car owners have registered their cars in other parishes so they can avoid those taxes. The geniuses that work for the City can't locate them either.


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